Stall at The Sandy Carnival, 2019.

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control, the Association is unable to run a stall at this year's Sandy Carnival on Saturday June 8th.

However, there will be a presence, with The 2019 Sandy Show schedules being distributed around to visitors. Supplies will be limited but there are several locations in and around Sandy that will have stocks of the schedule as soon as published by the end of May.

Everyone who entered an exhibit at the 2018 Sandy Show will receive a personal copy - provided of course the entry card has an address to send it to! Online versions will also be available to download from this website, plus entry forms, which are in the centre of the schedule anyway, but if you require additional forms, these will be available separately to download.

If you have a schedule from last year to hand, then classes to enter will be broadly the same for this year, with only a few minor exceptions. This means you can get a good idea of what to enter in this year's Show.

Remember - you have to be in it to win it! 

Good luck and here's looking forward to seeing you all there!